Website launches for Motivational speaking by Dave Bunting

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Dave Bunting MBE launches new website.

Dave Bunting talking to Sky News @ Camp 1 Everest West Ridge

Awe-inspiring speaking for your business.

 A lifelong passion for the outdoors and adventure has inspired Dave to follow a successful career of coaching people in the mountains and leading teams to some of the highest and most challenging places in the world.

The powerful lessons he has learned along the way and his genuine passion for inspiring others and sharing in his experiences are expertly combined to deliver engaging motivational presentations. He captures the integrity, and dedication to teamwork and true leadership necessary when operating in challenging situations.

Drawing strong parallels with the business world, he ensures a relevant, inspiring and long lasting outcome for his audience.

Here’s what some of our customer’s thought….

“Dave’s meticulous and dramatic presentation, combined with his humility and openness, had a tremendous impact on the delegates.”

 “My team were hugely motivated by the presentation and asked questions for almost an hour afterwards. They are still talking about it months later.”

 “He finds a way of connecting with his audience and draws them in through his storytelling abilities so that you feel you are making the decision with him.”