Dave Bunting MBE

Dave is an inspirational leader with over 30 years experience climbing in the mountains including some the highest in the world


Dave’s rare experience of operating in large high performing teams in challenging environments allows him to share the valuable lessons he has taken from the organisation, planning and leadership of his many expeditions.

These lessons include;

  • Developing a high performance team
  • Preparation, planning and attention to detail
  • The Leadership journey
  • Decision making in challenging situations
  • Embracing diversity in your team
  • Collaboration and partnership working

Invite Dave to speak at your event

Dave’s keynote presentation can be developed for you as a bespoke package to allow you to deliver a focused message to your team, cover a variety of lessons or just as an entertaining and interesting after dinner speech.

This inspirational presentation of his experiences planning and leading the expedition on Everest’s spectacular West Ridge, is a riveting and awe-inspiring account of the leadership skills and determination necessary to select the right team, motivate and engage them and build a shared vision that will enable them to reach their goal.

After an incredible 8 week team effort on this outstanding route the summit team had to turn back only hours from the top due to extreme avalanche conditions. This extraordinary situation allows Dave to paint a picture of outstanding teamwork, tough decision-making, personal challenge and enduring friendship in the most extreme environments.

With stunning images from the rare vantage point of the West Ridge of Mount Everest, it is a presentation that will inspire, move, entertain and leave a lasting impression.

Dave has a natural ability to react to the audience and adapt his presentation accordingly. Whether it’s staying for questions, presenting awards or just informally meeting you and your team, Dave will make your event a memorable occasion and leave a lasting impression for you and your team to draw on in both your business and personal lives.