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Bridgewater College

It was great hearing Dave’s stories of how he and his team tackled the difficultly of Everest. We able to learn valuable lessons to apply to our organisation focusing on trust, leadership, management and team working. Dave was thoroughly entertaining, providing fantastic images and an engaging speech.

Matt Tudor, Director of Business Development and Marketing
Health Education England

Dave delivered an inspirational presentation to a regional team of clinicians and administrators working within medical education at an annual conference. Dave’s sessions was variously described as ‘amazing’ and ‘the best bit of the conference’ and certainly provided translatable experience in relation to planning projects and leading teams.

Dr Jon Scott BMedSci, BM, BS, MD, FRCP, Foundation School Director

After extensive search, I was delighted to get Dave over to present ‘what makes a good team, great’. As a retail support function, our task is to climb the mountain in advance, to prepare the way for our sales team to follow in a safe way. If our sales guys cannot sell, we cannot exist. Dave’s story hit the spot beautifully, and my team were enthralled, entertained and amazed by what they heard and saw. I am looking forward to having Dave back again in the near future, so he can inspire us further.

Aaseem Mulji, Head of Retail Assets

Dave has an exceptional ability to be able to draw the parallels between his experiences and the challenges faced by business, in particular focusing on the importance of leadership. By the use of his stunning images and his passion for what he loves it delivers a relevant and inspiring outcome.

Tony Dunnage, Group Director Manufacturing Sustainability

Dave has an exceptional ability to be able to draw the parallels between his experiences and the challenges faced by business, in particular focusing on the importance of leadership. By the use of his stunning images and his passion for what he loves it delivers a relevant and inspiring outcome.

Jon Butterworth MBE, MSc, FIod, Director of National Grid’s Non- Regulated Companies

Dave took the participants on our programme up the mountain with him through a series of images, videos and descriptions. He very naturally and effectively linked this into leadership and got across some important learning lessons. His tale was inspirational for us and the slight twist in the tale deepened the learning. He was able to spend the entire day with us, which was great in terms of participants being able to talk further to him and to run networking sessions. Had we realised how good he was we would actually have built further group work sessions around his presentation.


Dave Bunting is a great mountaineer, exceptional leader and truly inspirational speaker, who is equally at home talking Leadership Development or Outdoor and Adventure.

Professor Carlton Cooke

Capgemini Leadership Event

Dave Bunting’s presentation was excellent. He certainly held my attention. I believe that the pace, the structure and information that was shared was well thought through and delivered in such a way as to leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Delroy Cameron, Senior Project Manager

Dave’s talk was really… remarkable — it was inspiring — made me want to join his climbing team. He was able to hold the crowd with his description and details of the expedition and the outcome of the story was moving. Although it was a venture that was far beyond what we do, there were parallels from his experience that I could relate to and hopefully will be able to use to make my projects more effective. The presentation itself was well executed – the media was appropriate and varied throughout the session.

Chelsea Slater, Business Service Centre Manager

The presentation by Dave Bunting was very good and was perhaps the most beneficial ‘Leadership’ lesson of the whole event.

Leigh Gardner, Senior Project Manager

Dave’s presentation and subsequent informal Q & A session was by far and away the best part of the whole 3 days. It was highly relevant to the nature of our ‘Event’, Project Management in general and was expertly delivered.

John Owen, Senior Programme Manager

Dave was an excellent speaker who delivered an interesting and relevant (to Leadership) presentation. It was well put together, described the leadership challenges and hit the mark with everyone in regards to the adversity we can all face. I thought Dave personally was very engaging and grabbed everyone’s attention easily, was funny and thought provoking. Fully recommend him to anyone.

Paul Anderson, Head of DDS Projects

The slot he had to present in was at a time when everyone was tired. Not only did he manage to keep everyone’s attention he did it in such a way as to encourage questions to be asked.

Steve Marshall, Transformation Manager
Mike Waterman, Senior Project Manager

One of the best presentations I’ve sat through and considering it was 8pm after a tiring day it was testament to Dave’s presenting skills. Engaging, entertaining and very relevant to why we were there.

Andrew Joyce, Senior Project Manager

An excellent presentation from Dave. I think it is fair to say we were a tired bunch, but Dave’s presentation really held everyone’s attention and provided a tremendous insight into both planning and leadership skills required for such a challenge. I thought his presentation style was very effective, both informative and witty.

Roy Beckerson, Senior Consultant

The presentation kept me entertained and interested, very important after the physically tiring couple of days (could have nodded off). I thought that the fact that the expedition did not reach the top of Everest was particularly important; this made it possible to highlight the leadership issues. Initially I thought that Dave’s presentation would have been better at the start of the event, but I now think that it was best delivered when he did i.e. on the last evening. This better enabled us to review how we went about our own project, our own failings were easily mathed to his successes. Good to spend time with Dave after the presentation, more interesting rather than exploring specific leadership ideas.

Fran McCabe, Senior Consultant